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What is DUANE Audio/Video Rental?

DUANE provides world-class audio/visual rentals for all of our clients. All of our audio and video rental equipment is top of the line to ensure high quality sound and video.

DUANE’s cutting-edge technology and audio engineers are uniquely qualified to provide à la carte services or coordinate complete audio/video rental solutions that include everything from microphones for public address systems at sports events all the way up through sophisticated public address management systems.

“You will never hear anyone from DUANE say, ‘That’s not my job.”

— Team DUANE

Audio Systems

DUANE specializes in Meyer Sound Products for the highest quality audio to meet the needs of the most challenging productions. Power, clarity, and versatility with no compromise.


Faithfully reproduces source material with uncolored and consistent results regardless of level, allowing accurate translation from a studio or rehearsal space to a live concert. Expect incredible power from the industry’s most elegantly engineered self-powered line array elements. Choose effects with plugins, and trust that your system will reproduce your subtle enhancements with complete accuracy.


With exceptional precision and headroom it reproduces the audio source with extraordinary accuracy, captivating audiences with both power and subtle musical detail. Innovative engineering brings astonishing audio capabilities to a compact and versatile package: a truly multipurpose system, ideally suited to everything from mid-sized touring and live theatre to worship and live performance installations, from symphony music to heavy metal.


From audio speakers to HD displays, AV equipment enables us to bring sound and visuals alive in exciting ways. Whether it’s a small presentation or an extravagant show of light and sound, these electronic components are essential for creating engaging experiences.

Event planning and set-up is a complicated process that varies with each situation. Often, an 8-hour day is required to get everything in order for any occasion, big or small. However, factors such as the size of the event, where it will be taking place, and how far away the necessary equipment needs to be transported can affect this timeline.

DUANE specializes in Meyer Sound Products, presenting the perfect audio for any production. These products provide an unmatched combination of power and clarity, allowing users to create audio solutions without compromising quality effortlessly. With a proven history of success, these sound tools are ideal for any project that requires durable yet versatile audio.

To ensure that we find the best fit for your venue, our expert technicians will ask you pertinent questions, such as the size of the venue, the number of people attending, and any specific criteria applicable to the event. Once provided with this information, we are able to compile suitable packages with recommendations on the right kind of AV gear – one that best serves your needs and requirements. Furthermore, we strive to offer reliable solutions and guarantee that you choose dependable Audio/Visual items that meet your budget and expectations.