Find your event ally with DUANE audio and video

What is DUANE Audio Video Services?

When you’re one of the biggest performing acts in the world, you need to thrill your audience. When you’re a leader in the world of business, you need to deliver on outcomes. DUANE helps them both meet their goals with exceptional audio-video services and capabilities.

DUANE has been providing the absolute finest sound reproduction systems to the world’s most prestigious events since the mid-nineties.

“If you don’t think through even the weirdest of details, you’re missing out on potential revenue for your event.”

— Team DUANE

Sound System Services

Our cutting-edge technology and audio engineers are uniquely qualified to provide à la carte services, or coordinate complete solutions that include:


No one does world-class sound reproduction better than DUANE. Our accurately tuned Meyer rigs paired with Panther Speakers provide legendary sonic performance, supported by the finest group of audio professionals ever assembled. As a result, excellent sound quality is always achieved, no matter the circumstances of the venue or the size of the event.

With DUANE, you can be sure that your event will have a lasting impression on its audience. With our wide selection of cutting-edge audio technologies and unparalleled service in this field, we are confident to make every moment count for all those who attend!


DUANE provides sound systems and support for everything from medium-sized events to concert-sized arenas. Being heard is critical in reaching your audience, especially when you’re broadcasting executive meetings or giving presentations on important issues like education reform that can impact millions of people’s lives across this country. We make sure every voice gets through loud and clear by using high-quality equipment. From education sessions in breakout rooms or general meetings at large convention complexes, we can help ensure your message gets across loud enough so it reaches all those who need to hear it.


 From outdoor festivals to corporate events, DUANE consistently delivers low-stress, professional results that integrate lighting, staging, and sound. Our world-class network of industry alliances ensures success across every aspect of even the largest events.


When Nashville’s Hard Rock Cafe, Mississippi’s Riley Center, and Bowling Green’s Hillview Church demanded the very best sound reproduction — DUANE was the only answer. We provide an elite, unparalleled level of audio-video services, from simple upgrades to complete ground-up design and installation projects.

Video Production

Our quality LED walls are brighter, tighter, and more colorful than ever — and outdoor-rated, so your marketing and branding can be seen for miles. Our AV engineers can arrange hundreds of panels into a concert-sized video wall or configurations that are the best fit for your medium-sized events. In addition, we also display live feeds, provide long-distance WIFI streaming, and live broadcasts.

We know that every detail matters, and we will always strive for perfection. Our team of designers, technicians, and other specialists is committed to ensuring your event is nothing short of flawless.