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For over 25 years DUANE has been leading the industry in design, staging, lighting, audio & video event production & setup. With our leading technology, staff and innovative ideas we can handle any event, concert, festival, corporate or specialty event you have in mind.

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Like it says on the home page: from concerts to conferences, with the design, staging, lighting, audio and video skills to take you from start to success.

While we applaud every act or organization looking to stage an event, our production services and rentals are best suited for events starting at 500 people (and going up to 50,000!) 

Look to DUANE as your one stop shop for all your event production needs, with a special focus on concerts, festivals, sporting events, and innovative, engaging corporate gatherings. This includes staging and lighting, audio and video. We also provide rentals for audio, video, lighting and stages. 

Event production is the actual production of the event: bringing in the physical equipment required to get the event to move forward, from audio, staging, video and lighting. If we can also be involved in the planning, so much the better: that ensures a solid order of operations which will ensure the highest level of execution throughout.  

With every event discipline under one roof, DUANE offers the most integrated production resources for the best price — delivering the energy and execution you need to grab attention. 

For 25 years, our team of professionals has been unlocking success for live concerts, sporting, and corporate events across design, staging, lighting, audio and video.

Our team prides itself on bringing together the unique combination of sound, visuals and lighting to engage your audience — even under the tightest budgets. Let’s talk about your needs and find a number that works for your goals. Start by calling this number: (615) 307-7779

Designing your event solution starts with a DUANE Project Manager — your key point of contact throughout the planning and execution.  We start with a comprehensive review of your needs, your vision, and your criteria for success. Depending on your event type, this may be followed by steps that include a site tour, drawings, models and mock-ups; content creation; and a pre-build in the DUANE shop, to spec, to ensure everything fits where it’s supposed to when we get to show time.

At DUANE, conversations are two-way, and clients are partners. We’re all invested in the success of the event. We educate where needed, be sure to understand at every step, elevate the professionalism, and exceed expectations: that’s the DUANE Way.

There are four beliefs we bring to every event partner. 1. There are no problems, just solutions. 2. Make things work when they don’t want to. 3. Bring the ‘wow’ in on budget. 4. And the show will go on.”

The sooner in the process, the better. Many clients bring DUANE in 6 months to a year in advance — recognizing big advantages in treating event pre-planning not as an expense, but as an investment.

Yes, if required. Let’s talk!

Not currently. If you have an idea and a need, we’re open to providing a solution for you. 

On the audio front, we are big believers in Meyers’ speaker products: truly the authority in sound. For details on the equipment we use to bring amazing events to life, please visit these sections of our website:

Our studio facilities feature a full Adobe-based edit and motion graphics suite, with capabilities being added all the time. 

No. But we will if a client wants us to implement.

We say, “Knock yourself out.” 🙂 DUANE will manage the production end and all we have to do there, and you do the rest. 

How about shows for Toby Keith, Old Crow Live, ZZ Top, Boston, Bob Dylan, and Katy Perry? We’re always adding new musicians and companies to our roster, call for the latest: (615) 307-7779

One phone call does it all: (615) 307-7779. Or fill out our contact form above.