What Size Of Mobile Stage Do You Need For Your Event?

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Before settling on a particular stage design, event planners must first and foremost consider the size of the mobile stage that suits their event. This is because the size of the stage can hugely impact the atmosphere and overall experience for those attending. For example, larger stages are more attention-grabbing, while smaller ones can feel more cozy and intimate.

Further, certain elements such as lighting equipment, sound systems, and performers may also require more (or less) space than usual on the stage, which needs to be taken into consideration when setting up. Moreover, based on the available space at the venue, event planners need to decide how much of it to use for the stage – this will then indirectly determine its size. It is important to remember, though, that the comfort of both attendees and performers should remain a top priority when deciding upon a stage size.

Venue Dimensions Are Critical

Before any performance, it’s always important to accurately gauge the dimensions of the room. Doing so allows you to plan your repertoire and tailor the space to your requirements. For example, the floor space’s length and width are a consideration, as well as the ceiling height.

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Having this information before you start running through your material can help save precious time and make for smoother performances that capture the attention of your audience. Furthermore, it’s essential to ensure that any props or staging fit within the confines of the room; otherwise, your presentation suffers a negative impact. A solid grasp of understanding these dimensions is critical in helping you maximize your performance potential.

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Consider Performance Needs

When creating a stage for any performance, size matters. It must be big enough to accommodate the largest crowd and have enough space for large performances, such as music concerts or plays. Yet, it also needs to be versatile and able to adapt to different types of events that may require a more intimate setting.

Flexibility is vital, with options like adjustable stages or risers allowing you to fit the needs of every performance. With careful planning, your stage can successfully host a wide variety of events, ensuring that your audience remains engaged no matter the scenario – and the memory of your performance will be grand no matter how large or small the mobile stage.

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When it comes to arranging a stage for a musical group, accuracy is key. Underestimating the space needed can result in cramped conditions and inhibited movement while overestimating can cause overcrowding or wasted space. To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is useful to use some general guidelines when calculating the size of the mobile stage needed.

General Guidelines

Generally speaking, electronic rhythm instruments like guitars, basses, and keyboards need 25 – 30 square feet per musician, including amplifiers. Acoustic instruments such as brass, woodwinds, and strings require 10 – 15 square feet each, including chairs. Drumsets will need 50 – 70 square feet with suitable elevation. For a spinet piano, 30 square feet is sufficient, and a full grand piano requires 100 square feet. Finally, vocalists need 10 square feet if they are backup and not moving too much; otherwise, they need 30 – 50 square feet if they’re lead vocals. By following these guidelines, one can be sure that their musical group will have an appropriately sized stage for performance.

Number Of Attendees

When thinking about the dimensions of your mobile stage, it is very important to take into account how large a crowd you are expecting. As the audience size increases, visibility for those located far away from the stage can become increasingly difficult. Thankfully, there are multiple solutions to compensate for this issue.

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Utilizing portable seating risers will increase the elevation of sightlines while keeping the same area footprint. Investing in a taller platform may be ideal if even more elevation is needed. The best part about using mobile staging platforms is that they comprise adjustable heights, allowing you to find the perfect fit for any situation.

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The Set Is A Huge Factor

When planning an event, mobile stage size is an important factor to consider. Event planners must assess their event’s needs to ensure they have adequate space on the stage. For example, suppose the event requires dancers, musicians, and multiple objects like microphones or visual aids such as projectors. In that case, you may need a larger stage than if you were hosting only one presenter with a podium.

Though furniture and other materials will determine how much space is necessary, other considerations, such as lighting, are important. Different types of lighting can cast shadows on performers or presenters that are better suited for bigger stages. As such, it’s important for event planners to properly evaluate all the variables in play when sizing a stage for their event – from furniture and objects to lighting – to ensure their guests have the best experience possible.


The size of the stage you choose for your event can be a make-or-break decision. If it is too small, important elements such as seating, audio, and visual components may not fit. On the other hand, choosing an overly large stage can have significant budget implications.

Ensuring that your stage choice is appropriate to the scale of the event is critical to budgeting effectively. It’s worth taking the time to ensure that you are getting the correct type of stage at the right price before making any commitments – after all, getting it wrong could mean money flying out the window.

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Recommended Stage Sizes For Bands

For a solo artist or a duo, a stage measuring 8 x 8 feet is sufficient, but you might prefer a stage that is 12 x 16 feet if the venue is rather large. 

That 12 x 16 feet stage will hold a three to six-piece band, but they might feel a bit crowded. As such, you might want to opt for a 20 x 24 feet stage. Any band with more than seven members will require a stage as large as 24 x 32 feet, although you could get away with something a bit smaller.

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APEX 2420

The APEX 2420 is the perfect stage for professional productions in smaller venues. With a 24′ x 20′ deck and a 13-foot high roof, you’ll have plenty of room no matter what show you produce. When it comes to rigging, this stage is reliable and powerful–each flybay contains up to 2,000 pounds worth of fixtures, and you can also store 4,000 more pounds of cargo inside the enclosed trailer. With the APEX 2420, every production will look and feel as professional as possible.

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APEX 3224

The APEX 3224 is the perfect solution for a wide range of venues and events, from large auditoriums to smaller and more intimate settings. Despite its size, this incredible stage transports with ease, making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to set up a performance in various locations. In addition, the trim height between the floor deck and the bottom of the roof I-beam allows plenty of space for performers and lighting setups, allowing you to create an immersive experience that will captivate any audience – all while having only one side designated as the “front” side. With so much versatility under one roof, it’s no wonder the APEX 3224 is considered an invaluable asset to any event producer.


The XXL stage is the perfect choice for mid to large events looking for a professional sound experience. With the ability to set up in just 40 minutes, this large 33′ x 20′ stage provides the ideal platform for bands to perform on and allows you to use it as a reviewing stand or as an event marketing platform. Additionally, the included sound wings provide an impressive 2000 lbs of audio per side with amazing clarity, so your event attendees can be amazed by every aspect of your performance. This state offers you and your team endless possibilities to deliver a truly exceptional sound experience.


The DUANE way of event production has single-handedly revolutionized how we experience events. With the utilization of unique structures, stunning lighting designs, and advanced video engineering coupled with the highest quality audio available, DUANE guarantees that every attendee will be captivated and left with an impression that will keep them coming back for more. DUANE takes great pride in its ability to bring out the best in any event, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible.

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