Complete solutions for your event with DUANE stage rental

DUANE Stage Rental

Stage rental can be an excellent option for those looking to add a stage to their special event. There are many benefits to renting a stage, including the fact that it can be much cheaper than buying a stage outright. Additionally, we have a wide selection of stage sizes and styles to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect stage for your event. Renting a stage also offers the convenience of not having to worry about storing or transporting the stage after your event is over. Overall, stage rental can be a great way to add a stage to your event without breaking the bank. With so many stage sizes and configurations, it is easy to find the perfect stage for your next event.

DUANE has been hosting events for over 25 years. From street fairs and stadium shows to meeting rooms and convention centers – we’ve got the magic touch that’ll make your next occasion stand out as an event not just in terms of size but also creativity.

Why rent from DUANE? From the little details to big events, we have you covered. We aren’t just an equipment rental company; we also use the equipment we rent! Our in-house sound/lighting technicians and production managers are available for consultation to make sure you rent exactly what your project requires.

“We work ’til the job is done.”

— Team DUANE

Deck Staging and Risers

Deck staging is an essential part of any event or party that will be held indoors or outdoors. It can help to create a more unified look for the event and make it easier for guests to move around. There are a few things to keep in mind when deck staging, such as the size of the deck and the number of people who will be attending the event. It is also important to consider the type of event that will be held and the overall theme. For example, a more formal event may require a different type of deck staging than a casual party. With a bit of planning, deck staging can help to make any outdoor event more enjoyable for everyone.

Our manufacturing facility allows for a wide variety of event solutions: risers, decks, and custom-made stages.

Custom Design and Manufacturing

DUANE custom fabricates in our facility: crowd barriers, custom stage decks, truss supports: you name it. Better yet, send us a sketch, design, or idea, and our designer will return a digital rendering with all specifications.

Mobile Stages For Rent

APEX 2420

Featuring a 24′ x 20′ stage deck (with 13′ of height), this is the perfect stage for smaller venue professional productions. Flybays can hold an impressive 2,000 lbs each, and you can secure and haul an additional 4,000 lbs of cargo inside the enclosed trailer.

APEX 3224

A 32′ x 24′, the APEX 3224 is the perfect answer, with size and transportability that offers true versatility. The trim height between the floor deck and the bottom of the roof I-beam is just under 16′. Either side of the stage can be the front.


With set up in just 40 minutes, this 33′ x 20′ stage is perfect for bands, a reviewing stand, and event marketing — a great choice for endless possibilities at medium to large-size events. With the sound wings on an XXL stage, you can fly an impressive 2000 lbs of audio per side.


Our comprehensive stage and riser rental service provides 24/7 delivery, installation, and breakdown – giving you a worry-free way to guarantee your event’s success.

Choosing the appropriate stage size for your event is critical, as it immensely influences every aspect of your gathering. A stage too large and you’ll experience unnecessary expenses; a stage too small could affect flow. Get this essential element just right to ensure a successful and memorable occasion.

Audience Size: When in the process of setting up a stage for a performance, the size of the audience will play a significant role. If there is going to be a large crowd attending the show, it’s important to make sure they have an unobstructed view of what’s happening on stage. A tall stage can go a long way toward ensuring that no one is left out when it comes to having a great view of the performers.

Event Type: When it comes to hosting any kind of event, the size and scale of your stage matters. Whereas a single musician can get away with an intimate performance on a more contained platform, full-scale theatre productions require much larger stages for their grandiose spectacle.

Number Of Performers: When creating the perfect performance atmosphere, one must consider how much room each performer needs to move and express themselves freely. Careful consideration should be given to accommodate all performers comfortably while they show their talents on stage.

We offer several mobile stages to rent including the APEX 2420, which features a 24′ x 20 stage deck, and the Stagemobile XXL 3320, which is perfect for bands.