Discover all-in-one event production with DUANE design

What is DUANE Design?

With every event discipline under one roof, DUANE offers the most integrated production resources for the best price — delivering the energy and execution you need to grab attention.

Designing your event solution starts with a DUANE Project Manager — your key point of contact throughout the planning and execution. The sooner in the process, the better. Many clients bring DUANE in 6 months to a year in advance — recognizing big advantages in treating event pre-planning not as an expense, but as an investment.

A comprehensive review of your needs establishes the criteria for your event, and helps our team identify potential problems and extraordinary opportunities. Key questions include:

Your vision?

The look you hope to create?

What are you trying to achieve?

Definition of success?

Staging and equipment needs?

How engaged do you want your audience to be?

What kind of energy are we trying to generate?

“We solve puzzles and create solutions with a ‘brain first mentality.'”

— Team DUANE

How DUANE Design Works

The answers to these questions will direct the event energy — the audio, video, lighting and staging — that DUANE creates specifically to grab attention. As part of this process, DUANE’s design team works closely with you, with steps that include:

A site tour: convention space, venues, outdoor fields, corporate offices — to work through lighting and video angles and cues.

Drawings, models and mock-ups to establish “the look.”

Content creation, such as customized introduction graphics or voiceovers, and hot keys to display or play.

Pre-build in the DUANE shop, to spec, to ensure everything fits where it’s supposed to.

Extensive planning on the front end helps establish a quick setup for where the focus needs to be directed: on the event itself. (Not to mention a quick breakdown and exit when all is done.)

In addition to the primary needs of your event, your DUANE team can also help develop revenue generating opportunities, such as branded display space for advertisers.