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Introducing TracPac: DUANE’s next-generation in raceway audio. A turnkey, rentable service for full range audio across the entire track, TracPac ensures race fans are more than hearing your event – they’re feeling it. Gone are the days of “AM radio” sound: this is high-quality audio tuned to your track, for unmatched audience experience and engagement. Whether it’s 200 mph or a safety lap, your audience is having a grand time the entire time – every time.


Transform your raceway with TracPac by DUANE:


Rapid Deployment

Concert Level Audio

Concert Level Video

Revenue Generating Opportunities

“There’s a complete sense that you are a part of the whole festivity”

—  Team DUANE

Enhance the fan experience with TracPac™

Developed Exclusively by DUANE in close consultation with track event leaders in broadcast audio and fan experience, TracPac is available to be deployed in two packages:


TracPac - Grandstand™

TracPac Grandstand ™

Multiple small carts in 100-foot increments guarantee even coverage across your seating area. Each cart features a trio of Meyer Sound PANTHER large-format linear line array loudspeakers and 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements, laser-sighted from 0 to 25 degrees to ensure consistent audio excitement from first row to top seat.

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TracPac Concert™

At 16’x7′, each TracPac Concert transport is supported by 4 outriggers and a motorized system for raising concert level PA 20 feet in the air. Ready to go in 15 minutes or less, Concert can cover from the track or from the pit  with optional video walls that are a perfect opportunity for paid advertising.

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The Meyer® Sound Audio Advantage 

At DUANE, we believe in Meyer Sound 100 percent, and our audio engineers have experience working with Meyer Sound products. Scientific research and innovative product development have earned Meyer Sound more than 100 US and international patents along with numerous industry awards, and they are a global leader in providing integrated solutions for sound reinforcement, spatial sound, acoustic systems, studio monitoring and high-end residential systems. Our long-standing relationship with Meyer Sound has culminated in the exclusive deployment that makes TracPac possible.

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Let's add TracPac™ audio to your event

You’re looking at a game changer in track audio. Equal, even concert-level coverage throughout the grandstand, thanks to the science of sound with TracPac and Meyer Sound.

Need next-level sound beyond the raceway? TracPac dials it up for any sporting event. Score big points with your fans by adding TracPac audio to your game.