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Lighting is the key to any event, no matter how big or small. From our team’s experience working on some of your most prestigious stages across North America and beyond, we know that you need a lighting rental company that not only offers top-of-line equipment but also has industry-leading customer service backing it up!

With our top of the line lighting equipment, you can be sure that your event will have a unique experience. 

“As long as we know your expectations, the team at DUANE can meet them.”

—  Team DUANE

Lighting Rental Selection

Our vast inventory includes the most sought-after brands and products in our industry. Utilizing a wide range of conventional stage lighting fixtures Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology for illumination sources such as spotlights or general-purpose lamps, we also offer automated solutions that can transform any venue into an incredible visual spectacle without breaking a sweat!

DUANE provides basic lighting, lighting design plus and everything in between: LED pars, crowd flashers, lasers, intelligent lighting, special effects, hazers — everything possible to leave spectators with vibrant visual memories.


Stage lighting plays an integral role in creating successful events. Proper illumination is critical for performers, speakers, and presenters to gain their audience’s attention and help convey a particular atmosphere. It can also be used to help transition from one scene to another, as well as establish the tone of a performance. Creative and well-executed lighting can influence the energy of any occasion and draw people’s focus toward areas or elements that need highlighting, such as decorations, props, and furniture. In addition, the use of stage lighting helps create an immersive experience for attendees and compliments the audio-visuals of any event for maximum impact.

When putting a lighting package together, it is vital to consider the event you are staging and the space you will be in. The lighting setup for different circumstances can vary drastically; for instance, mid-size events may require added rental lighting that works with existing house control from an established grid. On larger stages, additional side lighting and cyc lighting will more professionally highlight performers’ lines as well as add mood to the performance. A conference or meeting’s light package must also depend on its unique requirements; uplighting for walls around the space and a lighted tree behind presenters is advised for such scenarios. Finally, consider including moving light effects within your setup for big concerts to achieve stunning light show results.

DUANE has something for everyone regarding lighting design and special effects. From LED pars and crowd flashers for simple lighting effects to lasers and intelligent lighting for more complex displays, we have the tools to let your creative vision come alive. In addition, our wide range of special effects options includes hazers to create a dream-like atmosphere, plus much more – all of which can be used to create moments that will remain with your audience long after the show is over. DUANE puts the power of light into your hands so you can deliver a memorable experience time and time again.

Lighting can make or break an event. It provides a level of depth and ambiance to an event space, as well as having the capability to give further emphasis to whatever may be happening within that environment. For example, a stunning lighting design can bring together a room full of chairs and tables, while also drawing attention to an exciting slideshow presentation or portraying an incredible musical performance. It is no wonder why lighting is such an important factor considered when planning an event; it has a unique ability to bring together sound, seating and visuals into one powerful and engaging experience.